There is a common need across the energy industry for a safe, time effective, accurate, and reliable method of applying bolt load. INTEGRA Technologies is purposefully dedicated to meeting the energy industry’s needs as tensioning specialists by providing the proper tooling for each individual application.

  • Bolt Tensioning (Top side & Sub Sea)
  • Bolt Torque (Top side & Sub Sea)
  • On-site machining (Top side & Sub Sea)
  • Hydro testing Ultrasonic Verification Flange Tracking
  • Pneumatic Stud Removal Nut Splitting
  • Flange alignment
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Roemex manufactures and distributes a variety of speciality chemicals and are the leaders in field. They offer numerous applications throughout the entire lifecycle of an oilfield from drilling and completions, to hydrotesting subsea infrastructure, production chemicals and decommissioning. 

We provide specialty chemicals to clean the wellbore prior to completing the well, whether in cased-hole or open-hole environments. We also provide highly efficient inhibitors and additives for completion fluids. 

  • Technical Effectiveness
  • Environmental Classification
  • Minimise Manual Handling

 Roemex offers: 

  • Drilling Additives, Production chemicals, Wellbore Clean-out chemicals, Lubricants, Dispersants.
  • Environmentally Friendly Leak Detection Dyes, Oxygen Scavenger – Solid Sticks and Liquid, Biocides – Solid Sticks and Liquid, Corrosion Inhibitors – Solid Sticks/Blocks and Liquid.
  • Glycols – MEG, MEG: Water Mixes, Dyed MEG, TEG, DEG.
  • Products for hydrotesting, mothballing and dewatering operations.
  • Renewable Energy Focus – range of chemicals designed specifically for both the offshore wind and geothermal, providing integrity management, corrosion control and flow assurance. 

As well as providing chemical products, Roemex supplies engineering and consultancy support both on and offshore depending on customer needs. In addition to this, laboratory analysis, specialised delivery and tank / equipment rental is also offered through H.J. Stauble Limited.

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When traditional building materials such as wood, steel and aluminum fail to solve your design problems, discover the endless possibilities of STRUCTURAL FIBERGLASS. D.E.F.I. offers the best in FRP Grating Systems. With our large inventories, we are able to provide quick shipments.

Our products are suited for most industries: Subsea applications, municipal applications, industrial applications, water park applications, as well as decorative applications where strength in the product is a must. View our projects for more information on what we can do.

We will offer you practical alternatives and high performance composite profiles. We know that traditional materials rot and corrode over time, however, our materials are non-conducive, corrosion resistant, lightweight and very versatile. 

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QuickflangeTM was developed to support construction, maintenance and modification to new and existing pipework. To date, this permanent  weldless connection solution has been used around the world with over 9,000 applications with no failures. 

This patented technology provides a permanent, tight and mechanically strong flange-to-pipe connection without welding (no hot work).  

Technowrap™ composite repair technology is a range of engineered repair systems for pipework integrity and structural strengthening. They consist of either carbon or glass fibres that are reinforced with an epoxy resin based on design and engineered solution requirements. 

Technowrap™ technology offers complete repair and structural reinforcement solutions which are safe, flexible, practical and cost-effective. As a leading provider of engineered composite repair solutions, ICR supports clients with a wide range of pipework, pipeline, caisson, and structural integrity challenges. This is considered a permanent repair to the original design parameters (no hot work).

ICR’s range of Technowrap™ composite systems are suitable for a variety of repairs including internal and external corrosion, through wall defects, cracks (in some circumstances) and pits. Furthermore, we can deliver these repairs on:

  • Piping Systems
  • Structures, Roofs & Decks
  • Vessels & Tanks
  • Splashzone & Subsea

Vulcan Completion Products UK Ltd specializes in design and manufacturing of engineered solutions for the cementing and completions market within the global Oil & Gas Industry. 

Vulcan offers innovation and application based engineered solutions, focusing on setting new performance standards for its revolutionary products, built to withstand the world’s most demanding wells. Vulcan designs, develops, tests and manufactures the full range of certified equipment for specific client applications. 

  • Bow-spring, Semi-rigid and Solid Body (low friction) Centralizers
  • Under-reamed Centralizers with composite bonded or thermal spray-on stop collars
  • In-line Centralizer Subs (5 ½”, 7-5/8” / 9-5/8” / 10-3/4” / 11-3/4” / 11-7/8” & 16”)
  • Cementing Stage Collar tools
  • Floatation Collars
  • Float Equipment (High Flow 5Kpsi & 10Kpsi Valve exceeding API 10F 111C certification)
  • Reamer Shoes with durable nose profiles (Aluminium, Composite or Phenolic materials)
  • Cement Plugs (Conventional & Non-rotating)
  • Screen Saver Valve
  • Flow Control Equipment
  • Control Line Cable Clamps (Assorted ranges/sizes)
  • Floatation Collars
  • Bridge Plugs – Permanent & Retrievable 
  • Cement Retainers – Hydraulic or Wireline Set 
  • Hydraulic and Mechanical Packers 
  • Artificial Gas Lift
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Whitehorse Technology optimizes casing running and drilling operations ensuring core assets perform better and last longer.

Whitehorse Thermally Sprayed Alloys are copper and iron-based alloy systems that deposit thick coatings with a superior bond at low temperature – 300F max. to the pipe.

The Whitehorse Cunia/Roto-Glide coating application is a Metallurgical bonding process by mechanically fusing onto the pipe.

CUNIA™– a copper-based alloy for thick applications used for centralizer stop rings & ribs. Can be applied to “sucker rods”, pump impellers and drilling motors.

  • Utilized as an under-reamed centralizer through tight tolerance casing I.D.’s.
  • Utilized as a replacement to slim stop collars/bands and sprayed on centralizer blades/ribs Provides superior stand-off and reduced running forces when utilized in conjunction with Vulcan Phazer FLEX underreamed centralizer.

ROTO GLIDE™– an  iron-based  alloy for  high  wear and utilized for drill-pipe protection and applied as mid-joint tube bands and tool joint hard banding.

  • The product reduces wear on drill-pipe and casing, lower frictions when RIH and rotating pipe
  • Utilized for stabilizing drill bit and the centralizer blades aid in stirring/removing cuttings and reducing
  • Reduces potential for differential sticking pipe and will not affect the external and internal coatings on the drill pipe.
  • Uniformed application of product as compared to the adhoc welding application process.
  • HT wellbores <300F – the Roto-Glide product does not gall as compared to regular hard banding material.
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Churchill Drilling Tools is a specialist oilfield service company which delivers innovative solutions to the industry. Primarily using down-hole tools which are activated by pumping darts from the surface, we offer operators higher levels of performance and reliability on a range of specific operations and contingencies.  

  • Floats – SFF Trigger
  • Top Jet
  • Mud Shear Sub
  • Drift Catcher
  • HYPR Hole Saver
  • DAV MX Circ Sub
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Completions Manufacturing Solutions was founded in the later part of 2018 as a sub-company of Downhole Innovations to provide distribution of quality Downhole Products, Completion Tools, Service Tools and Accessories around the world. All downhole tool products are designed to the highest standards and tested to their full operating envelopes under ISO 14310 qualification requirements. DHI has delivered packer sizes from 4-1/2-in. to 13-3/8-in., and qualification levels from V6 to V0. 

  • Retrievable packers and Bridge Plugs.
  • Completion Packers and Service Tools – Mechanical and Hydraulic set.
  • Tubing accessories, safety joints, polish bore receptacles.
  • Landing nipples and sliding sleeves.
  • On/Off tools for fracs, testing and production applications.
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BlueSky® Global LLC is currently the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes patented* Industrial dust-collection systems equipped with SmartBox® Technology.

A BlueSky®dust collector can be used as a mobile dust collector or as a permanent-installation dust collector. 

The system is based on active air-convection control, continuous HEPA filtration and integrated UV-C disinfection, has been developed and patented by BlueSky. At the heart of this system is a sophisticated machine called the BlueSky Defender. It is a specialized, large-volume air cleaner that can be used for hazardous airborne aerosols, and dangerous dust. The Defender system is a compelling solution for the current challenges relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Hepa Filtration Unit To Mitigate Covid-19 Infection Risks. 

The machines developed by BlueSky are designed for outdoor industrial facilities, bulk plants, power plants, welding shops, paint bays and indoor spaces, including spaces such as churches, schools, government buildings, retail stores, pharmacies, hospital waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, military barracks, temporary hospitals – practically any large space where people pass through or linger. 

A SmartBox®system is also an optimal-solution silo bin-vent for service company cementing bulk plants. These units are available as monthly rental units though H.J. Stauble Limited. 

Using a BlueSky®dust collector with its patented SmartBox®Technology means hazardous dust and filters are always encapsulated, during use and disposal. Nobody touches any pollutants ever. It protects worker’s health, saves the environment and shields businesses from future lawsuits.

Superior Rigging, LLC. was established to service the oil industry with a variety of services and our prime Quality Objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction through confidence in our service of On Site Load Testing, Non-destructive Testing, Rigging Gear Inspection, Online Certification & Offshore Container Compliance Management.

Superior Rigging & Testing Limited is a leading company based on strategic partnerships with our customers and with a commitment to Innovation, Integrity, Professionalism, Quality and Continuous safety through innovation. 

Deep Down Inc. is an oilfield services company serving the worldwide offshore exploration and production industry. Our proven services and solutions include distribution system installation support and engineering services, umbilical terminations, loose-tube steel flying leads, installation buoyancy, ROVs and tooling, and marine vessel automation, control and ballast systems.

Deep Down supports subsea engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance projects through specialized, highly experienced service teams and engineered technological solutions. The company’s primary focus is on complex deepwater and ultra-deepwater oil production distribution system support services and products used between the platform and the wellhead. 

Deepwater develops technology and improves industry understanding to deliver the simplest and most effective cathodic protection solutions to clients around the world. 

While the industry advances to greater depths, we have consistently found new ways to protect, monitor and ultimately extend the life of the world’s offshore infrastructure. 

  • Cathodic Protection
  • Corrosion Investigation
  • Subsea inspection